We started livestreaming our 9am and 5pm services on 22 March.

From 7 June, we will livestream a feed of each service, for those who are unable to make it to church for health reasons. Please tune in at 8.30am, 10.30am or 4.30pm. Please have a Bible with you, including a copy of the Big Picture Bible if you have one.

Click here for the livestream.

We hope to start the livestream about 20 minutes beforehand, and you will see a countdown timer on the screen, so you know the video works. There won’t be any audio, unless you see a person in front of the camera talking.

We’d love to know you are watching, so please SMS Joshua (0421 235 055) or Laura (0402 125 532) and maybe mention who is with you, or where you are. There will be time for questions after the sermon, so send them through also.

If you missed last Sunday, you can watch the video here.

Check out some other FAQs here.

If for whatever reason you can’t get the livestream to work, please text Joshua or Laura before the start of the service.

If for some reason we can’t get the livestream to work (though we have tested it), please read the passage for the day and discuss the following questions, before praying together with those you are with:

  • What does this teach us about God?
  • What does this teach us about Jesus?
  • What does this teach us about ourselves?
  • What does this remind us about how to be saved?