Air-con and solar panel pledge

At St Peter’s we want to help everyone grow in Jesus Christ. One way we do this is by meeting to encourage one another centred on God’s Word. I am convinced that air-conditioning our main building will not only make our church services more pleasant, but improve our ability to hear and respond to God’s word.

Air-con is not mandatory for church. It is not a godliness issue. Nor will it convert anyone. Rather, it is a desired extra on top of our regular ministry costs. The solar panels are environmentally responsible and will generate income for the church.

I want to invite you to prayerfully consider what you currently give to support the ongoing ministry at St Peter’s. If this is your church, I hope you regularly contribute financially to our church. Each year Jo and I review what we give to various ministries.

After that is sorted, could you additionally support either air-conditioning, or solar panels, or both? This is over and above your ongoing commitment to regular ministry costs.

Our parish council has researched options for air-conditioning and solar panels for almost two years, engaging Ashburner Francis as an independent consultant. Parish Council supports the consultant’s recommended solution, which will cost $15,800 for air-conditioning and $26,000 for solar. The estimated income at current rebates for solar is about $5,000 each year.

Jo and I have personally pledged $1,000 for each, and individuals from parish council have collectively pledged over a quarter for each. You can either put this pledge form in the offertory bags or give it to me personally. I will collate the total and parish council will decide whether or not to go ahead based on the pledges received.

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