Coronavirus email #1 2021

We have made the decision not to meet in person, but online, on Sunday 4 July. A pre-recorded service will available from 10am, via this website.

We have made this decision early, as we wait to find out whether the lockdown will lift as planned, and whether there will be ongoing restrictions around group gatherings.  We are treating this Sunday as a one-off, and will make a decision about gathering in future weeks when we have more information. 

We hope you can join us virtually on Sunday, by tuning in at 10am. If you have any questions or need assistance, please get in touch with Laura or Joshua. Let’s continue to pray for our government, our health workers, our vulnerable population and each other. 

Coronavirus update #4: resources for ongoing growth

As Joshua, Jenny and I have talked and prayed about how best to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve been mindful of spending our time and energy on the things that make St Peter’s, St Peter’s. This means focussing on the Sunday livestream so we can continue to meet together, centred around God’s word. And we’ve also been keen to make sure everyone in our church family is connected with others. Please encourage each other by continuing to meet (virtually) in Bible study groups, and by checking in regularly with others. If you would like to join a Bible study group, please contact Joshua. 

As always, we want to help everyone grow in Jesus Christ. To that end, if you’re looking for more to read or do, we’ve put together a list of resources you can check out, organised by category. There is a lot of good content ‘out there’ to help us and we can benefit greatly from the work others have put in. Now, more than ever, we want to urge you to be deliberate about your spiritual growth, and the spiritual growth of those in your household. That said, feel free to skim or ignore these suggestions if you’re already feeling overloaded.

Lastly, our website continues to be the place to access the livestream and find the most up to date information about how church is functioning in the time of Coronavirus. Of course, none of these suggestions will be as helpful as reading your Bible and praying for our world and each other. Be assured also of our prayers for you, that we will all continue to grow in Jesus together. 

General resources:
– Use this time to start some theological study, check out Moore College PTC courses or Ridley online.
– Read a great article on what hospitality looks like at this time.
Watch a video about how what we’re experiencing at the moment is similar to culture shock.
– Seek help if you are experiencing domestic or family violence. Searches for domestic and family violence help increased by 75% in the last few weeks and no church community is immune. Please contact Laura or Joshua at any time for urgent support.
– Sign up for ‘church at home’ with the Bible Project (in English or Spanish) as a supplement to what we do on Sundays. 
– Enjoy Christian music online with EMU musicGetty music and Colin Buchanan
– Order Christian books online from Crossway, the Good Book Company and Matthias Media.
– Check out a bunch of Christian blog posts and articles at the Gospel Coalition Australia.

If you are married
– Check out a marriage course over 5 sessions you can do at home
Watch a video together of Keith and Sarah Condie (who run the above course), talking about marriage.

If you are single or living alone
– Read a helpful article about being alone but not lonely in the time of Covid-19.
– Join a Facebook community

If you have children
– Check out Colin Buchanan’s new ministry to kids (launching 6pm tomorrow).
– Download this Kids Read Truth Matthew devotional for free.
– Check out the Max7 website for a huge amount of free resources to use with kids, including in response to Covid-19.
– Purchase and use this ebook, specifically to help fathers read the Bible with their children.