Coronavirus email #1 2021

We have made the decision not to meet in person, but online, on Sunday 4 July. A pre-recorded service will available from 10am, via this website.

We have made this decision early, as we wait to find out whether the lockdown will lift as planned, and whether there will be ongoing restrictions around group gatherings.  We are treating this Sunday as a one-off, and will make a decision about gathering in future weeks when we have more information. 

We hope you can join us virtually on Sunday, by tuning in at 10am. If you have any questions or need assistance, please get in touch with Laura or Joshua. Let’s continue to pray for our government, our health workers, our vulnerable population and each other. 

Coronavirus update 1

Sunday services are cancelled and will be livestreamed online

I’m writing to let you know that, in consultation with parish council and the health department, we’ve made the difficult decision that our Sunday services at St Peter’s will be cancelled and will instead be livestreamed online starting this Sunday.

I am concerned about the impact this will have on our church family and relationships, knowing there are even more unforeseen challenges ahead of us all. Many aspects of regular life can continue, and yet the threat of disease feels like it pervades everywhere and everything. I am optimistic that through this we will work harder at intentionally loving our neighbours better, whether from church, or in the broader Darwin community.

The Prime Minister’s updated guidelines this morning reinforced to me how quickly the situation is changing and the importance to do what we can to care for the vulnerable in our community. As you know, the coronavirus situation is developing rapidly and government guidelines and recommendations are constantly being updated. This is the first of many updates I expect to write to our church community at least weekly. The situation will be closely monitored and major decisions about our Sunday services will be reviewed at our next parish council meeting. The latest information will be on our website:

Our Sunday services are deemed very high risk according to the NT department of health’s risk assessment tool. This is due to the combination of risk factors of those who attend: recent travellers, older adults, people from remote indigenous communities, and healthcare workers. It would be naïve at best, or negligent at worst, to continue to meet when it is a very high risk.

Playgroup will be suspended for the time being.

At this stage FRESH and youth group will continue, as they are lower risk activities according to the risk assessment tool, and are similar to a school situation. This decision will be reassessed if schools are closed, or if government recommendations change. There will be some changes and considerations to minimise other risk factors such as being outdoors, around food handling, and hygiene practises.

Bible study groups will need to each conduct their own risk assessment as the make up of the groups will dramatically impact the risk of still meeting.

As I’m sure you can appreciate, these are not easy decisions to come to, and it will have significant impacts for us.

Our Principles

Our goal remains to help everyone grow in Jesus Christ. This shapes the principles which lead to these decisions.

  • Everyone means caring for the vulnerable who come to church.
  • Everyone means caring for the carers who serve the broader community.
  • Everyone means all of us caring for one another.
  • As Christians we want to support and submit to our governing authorities.
  • Relationships matter, so we have the chance to be creative in how we continue to relate to others.
  • Each of us need to take personal responsibility for our response to this, and assess how we can care for others.
  • We are still convinced that the good news about Jesus matters for everyone, and the urgency to tell this good news shouldn’t decrease but increase.
  • Growing in Jesus Christ matters the most. We do this as we hear and respond to God’s word. How we hear it is secondary to that we hear it.

I know this news might raise many concerns for many of us. I certainly have more questions than answers right now. There are many questions that we don’t have answers to yet, but please get in touch with your concerns. I’ll be working on an FAQ style document to address these, and have some initial questions below.

How can we care for one another?

This situation provides us with many opportunities to practically care for others, in particular those who are self-isolating. Some suggestions include: picking up shopping, getting urgent supplies, collecting mail, talking to someone over the phone. So,

  • if you are willing and able to offer help in this way, please let me know.
  • if you have recently returned from travel interstate, can I strongly urge you to implement social distancing for two weeks?
  • if you have recently returned from travel overseas, please self-isolate in line with our government’s guidelines.
  • if you have any cold or flu symptoms, please stay at home and get well soon.
  • if you are staying at home for whatever reason, and would like some assistance, please let me know so we can put you in touch with someone who can help.
  • if you have time to be a co-ordinator to link up those who need help with those who can give it, I’d love to chat about how we can do this well.

What does Sunday look like?

Our recent sermon series on church defined church as ‘God’s people gathered together because of Jesus.’ So it’s important for us to work out how we can continue to meet together, even though it won’t be all together in one physical space.

There will be a livestream of a modified church service available online. We’re still working out all the technical details of this and will provide information for how to view it via email later this week and through our website and Facebook page. We want this to be interactive in some way, so that being part of this ‘live’ contributes to our meeting together, though physically apart.

I would like to encourage all who are not self-isolating to consider meeting with a few others to watch this together. The risks of meeting together in a smaller group are low, when you know everyone else in the room has not recently travelled and doesn’t include those in higher risk categories. This is another opportunity to care for others, maybe those who aren’t confident with technology, those who live alone, and/or those who would appreciate company.

If you are willing to host a livestream location, and for me to offer your place to others in your area, please let me know.

There is much which is uncertain about the future and yet we continue to trust our sovereign God. My prayer is that through the challenges and difficulties ahead, we might show love, grace and peace to one another in all we do.

Again, please get in touch if you:

  • have any questions or concerns,
  • are willing and able to help others who are self-isolating,
  • are able to host a livestream site,
  • have a video camera you could lend to church for a while, or
  • are in need of help or care in particular ways.