Coronavirus update #2 – information for Sunday 22 March

By now you will be aware that we have made the decision to cancel our Sunday services at St Peter’s in response to the spread of the Covid-19 virus and in line with national guidelines. 

We know this is an uncertain time and many of us will be feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information we are consuming each day. We will endeavour to keep our essential communication as brief as possible, and direct you to the FAQs section of the website if you have further questions. 

What are we doing on Sunday?

This Sunday we plan to livestream a 9am and 5pm service. It will include prayers, Bible readings, a sermon, family news, parish council report and an interactive question / comment time. We have decided not to sing this week due to copyright and health concerns, though we intend to think creatively in the future about how to include music in our online gatherings. There will also be no Lord’s Supper this week.

Our plan is to start small and build on our livestream in the coming weeks and months. The model for our service will be similar to holiday church, where we are mindful of all ages being present. We trust you will be patient with us as we adapt to these changes and try out different ideas.

How do I access the livestream?

The livestream page of our website will have a link to our new YouTube channel.

If your present circumstances mean you will be unable to view this, please contact Joshua on 0421 235 055 or Laura on 0402 125 532 and we will help make arrangements for you. We expect to experience some teething issues as we all adapt to this new technology. If this happens to you on Sunday, please check our website for updates and an alternate plan to follow.

Who should I watch this with?

We encourage you to watch the livestream with other members of our church family. Our advice is to watch it with at least 1 extra person and no more than 10. We hope that households will watch it together and invite another group or some individuals to join them. See our website for suggestions about hygiene for those who host livestream gatherings.

Why should I watch it live?

While it may be possible to watch the service at a different time (or virtually join in with another church service happening around the world) we believe the experience of gathering ‘live’ with your St Peter’s family is of greater value. In these times of social distancing, relational bonds are increasingly important, and we encourage you to virtually lean in to your church family by setting aside the usual time you would attend church for viewing the livestream.

Our goal at St Peter’s continues to be to help everyone grow in Jesus. Our prayer is that we keep prioritising our Christian growth by valuing personal devotions, thinking creatively about disciple-making and evangelism and encouraging others in our church family. We recognise that caring for others in the present climate comes at a cost and we are all figuring this out together as events unfold. If you would like to offer to help with the many implications of these changes for our church family, please email